Eric The Duck Wittfest Charity Music Festival
The Plough, Long Wittenham
Friday 29 June to Sunday 1 July 2012


Anyone who visits “The Drones” sessions at The Plough every Wednesday evening will soon discover that we are all ardent Shackleton fans and have written a whole host of songs about him. Accounts differ as to how it came about, but it actually happened one evening at a Drones’ session after Lucy had sung a song about Franklin’s endeavours in the hunt for the North West Passage. Adi, at the bar, complained that no one sang songs about real heroes like Ernest Shackleton who brought all his men home safely.

Jenny's response was ‘probably because nothing rhymes with Shackleton!’

The challenge was laid down, and within the hour, Paul and Rebecca had come up with the first tribute song for Ernest. It all got a bit out of control after that. So many club members responded with their own anthems to the tune of popular songs, that Rebecca was forced to compile an extensive Shackleton song archive. The obsession has persisted for years now, and has extended to penguins, ice packs, and indeed anything polar, as winners of our weekly raffles will testify!

At some point we hope to publish the Shackleton Archive with the permission of the appropriate this space!


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